“Hi, my name is Vivian. I come from the USA. Both of my parents are Chinese. I am 21 years old. I have no tattoos and never saw myself getting one. I saw a photo of you one month ago, and was so fascinated by the history and culture of your art that I couldn’t… Read More

Rural highlands meant extra good coffee and extra bad wifi. It was time to put down the phone and tune into the present. Banaue and Sagada were tucked into the Cordillera mountains, adored by Filipino couples and families for their views and cute cafes. Both towns possess UNESCO World Heritage sites. While these spots get… Read More

If there’s anything a solo female traveler knows, it’s how to figure out exactly what she wants. My upcoming flight out of Cebu left me with a laundry list of adventures to seek and so little time left. And this was just the southern half of the island. Possible or not, I had one day… Read More

Three years ago, a massive school of sardines left the coast of an island that was a 15-minute boat trip away from Moalboal, and moved to Moalboal itself. More specifically, one million shiny fish dumped themselves off the banks of all the dive shops. As of 2017, Moalboal was still a popular destination for snorkeling… Read More

Chasing the endless waterfalls of Cebu was so fun that I left that island with busted toenails. Kawasan Falls were the most well-known set of falls, running through the jungle in a unique aquamarine. We arrived as early as we could and beat the crowd to some stunning bridges and sketchy rope swings before sitting… Read More

Cebu city is the capital of Cebu island. Like any regional hub, air pollution was heavy and traffic was slower than walking. Like any Filipino city, the creepy grin of the Jollibee followed me from block to block while the locals were extra hospitable. The Filipinos hanging out at Hey Fellas Guesthouse took me prime lechon1 and… Read More

Feeling rather volatile with making choices, I decided I wanted to see the cleanest lake in Asia. Coron was so close and I had no certainty of the next time I could come to the Philippines, so I accepted my inefficient use of time and money and proceeded to backtrack a segment of my travels… Read More

Island-hopping through lagoons and limestone formations outside El Nido was one of the most beautiful days of my life—I would even go as far as to say top five. It was cheaper and less crowded than Thailand or Vietnam, swimming was often encouraged, and below the surface the marine life was popping. The following day… Read More

Manu and I managed to meet up and travel a new land with a couple of his friends just as we did one year ago. After tossing and turning with Workaway projects and indecision for the first half of my trip, I welcomed the break from solo travel and the shock of transitioning from the… Read More

Welcome to my first of a series of food guides. Chiang Mai was so delicious it had me walking miles in the June heat searching for the perfect bowl of khao soi noodles. It had me slugging down one icy drink on high speed just so I would finish it before I got to the next… Read More