A 21-kilometer walk would make me the tallest thing in Costa Rica, I just had ignore the 2,200 elevation gain. To do this as a spontaneous day hike, rather than stay at the pricey base camp and obtain an entry permit, both of which had to be reserved months ahead of time, was technically possible… Read More

“Hi, my name is Vivian. I come from the USA. Both of my parents are Chinese. I am 21 years old. I have no tattoos and never saw myself getting one. I saw a photo of you one month ago, and was so fascinated by the history and culture of your art that I couldn’t… Read More

I am far too attached to food. And within the world of food, I am far too attached to Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts. I don’t like the other flavors or the other bakeries. And sometimes I have an idea, such as running some number of miles, eating an entire box of joy in one… Read More

To my pleasant astonishment, a girl from the Brazilian Amazon reached out to me on Instagram. I had posted about some clinical volunteering with a medical team from Yangon and was about to head to ThaBarWa for my first experience with social work. Anny told me she was a doctor, and asked if I knew… Read More

  Southeast Asian Summer Day 32 Yangon, Myanmar Three days of medical experience were done. I finally got to sleep in, so naturally I felt the need to draft a Go Fund Me from my phone in bed and unexpectedly raise enough for not one, but two refrigerators over the course of breakfast because even… Read More

My life was suddenly a new level of nightmare for claustrophobics—it was hard to tell at first, but it became clear the British bus had in fact driven into a train, parked, and said train was moving into the ocean. Thankfully I didn’t feel claustrophobic, and instead felt enlightened, especially when the sunlight of the French… Read More

Workaway is an organization allowing travelers to choose from 26,000 active work exchanges from more than 155 countries around the world. This is the perfect tool for volunteers to find hosts who need help, and vice versa.     It is standard for students to pay companies to work and volunteer abroad as a safe way to experience a new cultures.… Read More

Worried about sprouting a muffin top from all the street food and cheap beer? Lost without the comfort of being able to catch a sick pump at the gym? Heartbroken that you have to break up with your gains?! Fear no more! Follow this foolproof regime to stay fit and stay homeless 😉     Quads & Glutes… Read More

Becoming a better person. Connecting the pieces of my past. Mindfulness. You and I both knew prolonged periods of indulging in wanderlust and fending for oneself is enough to instill these cliché transformations upon anyone, but this is my written version.  And just wait, because this was only four months.     6. I am better at recognizing differences in… Read More