The more I travel the more I find alone-ness to be dangerously addicting. I submerged in this feeling I have tried explaining before as I took a train across an engineering wonder of the rail world and a boat ride through parts of a famed lake. Two of Myanmar‘s most iconic landmarks would have been ideal at… Read More

Usually ignored by most backpacker itineraries, Hsipaw and it’s ever-growing popularity was a nice little town that many use as a base for jungle treks and village home stays. I checked out the ruins in “Little Bagan,” listened to a tragic love story in the historic Shan Palace, and befriended a couple Oregonian hippies who… Read More

When visiting Myanmar’s largest lake one will find a ring of quiet villages, a floating pagoda, and few foreigners. Working elephants have been traditionally used by the Burmese for logging and some were still around the lake. When I found this out, seeing one quickly became my sole goal for this destination.     Getting There… Read More

Katha was the setting for one of George Orwell’s first novels, Burmese Days. A favorite read for backpackers in Myanmar, I made sure to grab my own copy before I got there. Bhamo was to the west and had a bamboo bridge that got washed away and rebuilt by villagers each year. Both towns don’t… Read More

2,200 Buddhist temples dating back to the 11th century scatter across 26 square miles in a multitude of shapes and sizes. I had a wonderful time at this top tourist destination, and that was saying something considering two setbacks—May was during hot, triple-digit season, and most of the viewpoints were under restoration, severely limiting options… Read More

So began my Burmese Days in this busy, dirty town discovering gems that were both obvious and subtle. While aware that the Schwedagon with its several metric tons of gold and jewels was known for being the most impressive pagoda in Southeast Asia, I was also adjusting to high temperatures and seeking opportunities with the local community.… Read More

My life was suddenly a new level of nightmare for claustrophobics—it was hard to tell at first, but it became clear the British bus had in fact driven into a train, parked, and said train was moving into the ocean. Thankfully I didn’t feel claustrophobic, and instead felt enlightened, especially when the sunlight of the French… Read More

Cartagena served as a base for accessing other destinations in Northern Colombia. During my brief visits I enjoyed strolling the historic district and the charming Getsemaní neighborhood, all the while hunting down specific street foods that my Colombian roommates made me promise to ingest.     Transportation The Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG), was a convenient $4… Read More