I am far too attached to food. And within the world of food, I am far too attached to Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts. I don’t like the other flavors or the other bakeries. And sometimes I have an idea, such as running some number of miles, eating an entire box of joy in one… Read More

When the tiles of Rio de Janeiro‘s most beautiful staircase are as enchanting as the destinations themselves.     Spain, 2004       Italy, 2008   Belgium, 2010        Florida, Forever   Some Relevant Fun Facts Antoni Gaudí- this modernist architect hated sharp edges and corners. The Bridge of Sighs- this iconic landmark was named… Read More

  My girlfriends and I were tired of the summer heat and needed a change in scenery. Knowing what we were looking for didn’t include beer and chubbies, we threw together a trip to Jack’s River. It wasn’t girls only—you just had to not be a total sleazebag.     We managed to mostly stay on… Read More

Setting aside Cuba’s rich history and culture, and giving the pristine beaches a cold shoulder, automobile-gazing is hands down an all-around favorite. Without further blabber, here is the eye candy I promised:  … Read More

  Like it or not, Cuba will soon never be the same. There exists a degree of innocence and contentment preserved within the locals. This phenomenon will soon vanish along with the mild socialist flavor unique to the backwards country. And anyone who knows anything about travel knows it.… Read More