Why would I wrap a long trip anywhere other than the beach? Practicing wave-catching and the warmth of restorative napping were interrupted with green juices, omelettes, hash browns, seafood. I knew I would miss the low prices of dining out so I let the gringo in me indulge. I tried to get in the ocean twice a day and… Read More

The mountains were calling again. After my last salteñas in Bolivia, I took bus after bus until I reached the glacial lakes and shaggy peaks of Huascarán National Park in northern Peru. I guess I’m pretty decent at showing up to hostel breakfast and meeting boys with a sweet plan that I can hop on. This… Read More

Marcela was hugging and dancing with the indigenous ladies in their stockings and thick dresses the moment we crossed into Peru. Our last destination was the Floating Reed Islands of the Uros tribe in Puno, at the other end of Lake Titicaca. She had decided she would stay on this side and head to Cusco. My… Read More

  Day 8 Fresh of the bus from Cotahuasi, I bought a ticket for Tacna, the southernmost city of Peru, which never showed up. I looked through all the bus ramps, went back to the office where the staff whipped out my refund out of no where and shoved it in my hands, and switched… Read More

Over twice as deep as our Grand Canyon, this was a treasure. In between peculiar rock formations, bull fights, cacti forests, thermal baths, and deadly waterfalls with unrestricted access and layers of rainbows, I was able to see much deeper into the Peruvian culture through the countless heartfelt interactions with the villagers I met.  … Read More

Arequipa is just pretty. In this lovely city of Southern Peru with the distant icy peaks of Chachani Mountain and Misti Volcano constantly watching, I found the best ceviche and welcoming backpackers. Most use this place as a launching point to visit world-class canyons.     Getting there: connections through Arequipa are easy. The bus… Read More

It’s hard to summarize something that offers so much. Definitely start with Machu Picchu, and from there you’ll find lakes, beaches, jungles, and deserts. Some say Peruvian cuisine is the most underrated in the world. The rich indigenous culture is still evident all over the country. Still trying to grasp this beautiful land myself, I’ll keep updating… Read More

Lima is huge. This capital rises over the  Pacific  and is divided into 43 districts, some newer and richer, some more historic and less wealthy. As always, we saw as much as we could without collapsing from exhaustion, and spontaneously threw in a football match in the national stadium.     Day Eight Crashing on couches… Read More

With little time left in the Sacred Valley, we couldn’t appreciate the overdone, overpriced feel of Pisac and quickly moved along to the markets and architecture of Cusco. I’d say the cold and altitude added to the charm of this bustling city that was once a trade capital of the Inca Empire.   Day Six (cont.) A very… Read More

After hiking over 40 miles in three days, we were all about the naps and gourmet breakfasts of Ollantaytambo. Stumbling into Munay Punku Bed and Breakfast was never part of the original itinerary, but we couldn’t  break away and indulged in an extra night.     Day Five The Argentines continued on to Cusco while the… Read More