With it’s strong Latino culture, temperate nature, and throng of backpackers, Panama will always be special to me for the wild yet safe stay I had as a solo female traveler. It’s a great destination for beginners to learn and for the more seasoned to wander beyond the beaten path.     BUDGET BREAKDOWN*: Duration- 10… Read More

    Long Distance Collectivos, or shuttles, and overnight charter busses (that use way too much AC) connect the capital with the rest of the country, and prices are quite expensive compared to the rest of Latin America. Sometimes the same trip was double the cost of what the 2013 Lonely Planet reports. A major transfer… Read More

I had been eyeing this dreamy town growing in tourism long before I left American soil. So happy to have made it, I took a slow day to people watch, and enjoyed the bonus sunshine while spending a surprisingly low amount of money.   Day 9 I woke and set up to meet up, and… Read More

I recommend combining Las Nubes and Finca Dracula, home of the largest orchid collection in Panama, in one day. The Sendero Los Quetzales should be done downhill going from Cerro Punta to Boquete and given it’s own day, as both endpoints of the trail are not actually in sufficient civilization. Definitely hike with a buddy, and… Read More

This side of the Chiriquí highlands felt unexplored. I headed to what would be my favorite region and found myself stranded at a Catholic Church shortly after an accidental homestay. These small villages revealed hidden nature, a strong dose of Panamanian culture, and lots of strawberries.     Day 6: Volcan I got up as the… Read More

    Day 5 I seriously can’t stop talking to people. Being alone has forced me to meet an overwhelming amount of freaking people. From freaking everywhere. I had talked to my bunkmate and stared at Thai and Vietnamese street food on instagram (yes while in Panama, call me greedy) till late last night and it… Read More

The Ultimate Culture Slap Marcos started in Mexico eight months ago with shit for Spanish. His only encounters with people of the Caribbean all took place in Spain. The guys were thugs, the girls were prostitutes or purposely flirting with you while a group of guys hid, waiting to beat you. His words, not mine. Here he… Read More

  Day 3 I was quite close to becoming a popsicle overnight. We made several stops but I chose to not ask my bladder if it ever needed relieving and chose to instead just hold it. Me and all the other foreigners (there’s only one place we all go) were hustled off the bus at 7:30am. And straight… Read More

  Day 1 What do you do when you have an organic chemistry exam in 13 days? Obviously spend the next 10 in Panama.   The only good thing about an awful flight delay was catching up on sleep with a row to myself. They kept having us board and unboard the plane. I talked… Read More