We joined the throngs of backpackers funneling in for volcano boarding because I insisted we squeeze it into our itinerary that was already bursting at the seams. In addition to being the main launch point for this cheesy idea, León was a refreshing change from the more artificial aesthetic of Granada.     Day Three… Read More

Everyone goes. I was told even though I wouldn’t like it, I had to go. Despite the notable amount of harassment to buy crap and even straight up just hand over a dollar, being a tourist in Granada was a good time.     It was 95 degrees. Alex had a fever and I wasn’t feeling… Read More

Exactly a year later from my first in-and-out international dip, I’ve chased more adventures than I can remember. I’ve learned so much about solo backpacking  and testing my limits. This time, I led my own trip for the MLK 2016 holiday. First stop: the beautiful volcanic island in Nicaragua’s largest lake.     Day One… Read More