Ecuador invites the rest of the world to come have a look. The country’s new campaign, All You Need Is Ecuador, boasts that they really do have it all: the Andes, the Amazon, the Pacific, and the Galapagos. I associate it with stories of other travelers volunteering and learning Spanish here, and with the color green.… Read More

This small beach town off the northern coast of Ecuador was the base for 80 premed students including myself on our Spring Break. With a population sitting around 11,000 and located within the Esmeraldas province, Atacames can be reached via bus from major cities and hubs. It’s hot, run down, we walked everywhere… and that was precisely the charm… Read More

I joined my university’s MEDLIFE chapter for our first South American visit over my freshman spring break. Each day we set up a mobile clinic at different sites around the underprivileged local community. Together, our group benefitted 1,578 patients in one week. One of the coolest things was that the doctors were Ecuadorean, removing any culture gap and… Read More

After a week of medical volunteer work, my wing woman and I made the most of our last day in Ecuador. The organization said we’d have to give up protection by them and we said fine. Then it was just us and the capital city.     La Mitad Del Mundo     It’s hard… Read More