Cartagena served as a base for accessing other destinations in Northern Colombia. During my brief visits I enjoyed strolling the historic district and the charming Getsemaní neighborhood, all the while hunting down specific street foods that my Colombian roommates made me promise to ingest.     Transportation The Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG), was a convenient $4… Read More

When people start saying they don’t have time for somewhere on the map, roll your eyes and head in that direction. Parbs and I wrapped our trip in the San Bernardo Islands and it quickly became our favorite destination—we couldn’t get enough of how isolated we felt. Here, we shared our best meals and got to… Read More

I was hesitant on visiting the unique beaches of Tayrona National Park because I didn’t want to deal with such a large volume of tourists, but according to the bathroom wall of The Journey Hostel, “The only impossible journey is the one you don’t take.” With the help of Inti, the founder of the hostel,… Read More

Colombia is the only country in the world that has snow mountains bordering the ocean. Nearing the Sierra Nevada meant birds were more beautiful, nights were more chilly, and sand flies were unexpectedly belligerent. This place was a playground for adults. From our hostel and its 8-person hammocks, we took a walk in the opposite direction of everyone else,… Read More