Arriving at the thundering waters of Iguazu was what flashed through my mind the moment I made a final decision to purchase my GoPro. Triple the height of Niagra and featured in films like Captain America, Iguazu had visible rainbows from every angle during the day. I just about lost my mind. I was traveling with Linda,… Read More

Cafayate offers a lovely variety of activities for travelers, but what drew me the most was biking a challenging, yet scenic route with a friend. Even though I skipped the waterfall hike everyone was raving about, I felt I experienced an incredible amount in just two days. Two days of bliss.     Getting There Busses… Read More

Jujuy quenched my rainbow mountain cravings. Backpackers told me of hypnotizing hills and tucked-away villages, trekking opportunities and Northern Argentine cuisine and culture. A province mostly visited via tour bookings and rental cars based in Salta, I preferred to save money and appreciate these treasures on my own time.   Getting There & Around From Salta, busses… Read More

With a promising nickname “Salta La Linda,” this province didn’t have much for me within the capital itself. No sun, lots of cold, but an essential stop to plan and connect to all the magic nearby.     Getting There Bussing is a stab in the wallet. I took one from Mendoza, $86, 18 hours. And I had gotten the… Read More

Capital of the province responsible for over two-thirds of Argentina’s wine production, Mendoza itself was largely uninteresting. Still, the city will be forever special because I loved my hostel so much.     Getting There Luckily the borders were open and I bussed eight hours from Santiago, Chile, $26. That would be my last decently-priced bus for months. In Argentina… Read More

Moving between Chile and Argentina means passing over real mountains. It means it’s a stunning bus ride. The coldest passport stamping. Have your cameras charged and don’t sleep through it!     As the days get colder, Paso de los Libertadores at the border between Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina is often closed because it’s in the middle of the Andes… Read More