My life was suddenly a new level of nightmare for claustrophobics—it was hard to tell at first, but it became clear the British bus had in fact driven into a train, parked, and said train was moving into the ocean. Thankfully I didn’t feel claustrophobic, and instead felt enlightened, especially when the sunlight of the French… Read More

The second most important aspect of my childhood travels (after ice cream) was feeding pigeons. Some called them flying rats, my sister and I saw them as our friends. Perhaps the following montage can begin to convey the loaves of bread that were sacrificed in the name of this hobby.   1. Madrid, Spain     2.… Read More

When the tiles of Rio de Janeiro‘s most beautiful staircase are as enchanting as the destinations themselves.     Spain, 2004       Italy, 2008   Belgium, 2010        Florida, Forever   Some Relevant Fun Facts Antoni Gaudí- this modernist architect hated sharp edges and corners. The Bridge of Sighs- this iconic landmark was named… Read More

Excerpt taken from 2 East + 2 West, 2011.   6.2.11 Thursday I woke, super excited to see the crisp clear mountain faces. I jumped out of bed, threw open the curtains and… got blinded by white nothingness. Loads of fog. After that let down, the first thing I had to do was finish my… Read More

Excerpt taken from Europe 2010: Germany + Neighbors, Italy #3     After nearly 2 hours [on the train from Frankfurt] I stepped out into the greetings of a sign that read Bacharach. I still don’t know how to pronounce it. We dragged our luggage on the bumby roads and made our way to Pension… Read More

Excerpt taken from Spain and Portugal, 2004.   8 eight Ramblas Street and the Harbor   My family was walking down a street called ramblas Street.     On the street people were selling baby animals for instance a baby chick for one €uro! My mom wanted a chick. But before that, we had seen… Read More

Excerpt from Italy! A True Book, 2003.       6 Venice the city that’s almost floued! In Venes Venes has one hundred an eighty Ilends. It has hundreds of piges. There a lot of gondloes. Gondlouse are a kind of boat. if you lived in Venes when you open the door water may come in… Read More