Life was hard and it was what I needed. During my week with the 3,000 residents (1,000 of which are patients) of this donations-run sanctuary for all, I focused on self discipline and awareness of the present. I woke at five to meditate, ate two meals a day, and meditated once more in the evenings.… Read More

  Southeast Asian Summer Day 32 Yangon, Myanmar Three days of medical experience were done. I finally got to sleep in, so naturally I felt the need to draft a Go Fund Me from my phone in bed and unexpectedly raise enough for not one, but two refrigerators over the course of breakfast because even… Read More

In Burmese, Yangon means void of danger.  After nearly a month of sightseeing, I was ready to volunteer and connect with a local community of medical staff to take away the dangers that patients in the rural jungle villages might suffer from. Nothing felt more reaffirming of “Yes, I want to be a doctor” than seeking a presence… Read More

Workaway is an organization allowing travelers to choose from 26,000 active work exchanges from more than 155 countries around the world. This is the perfect tool for volunteers to find hosts who need help, and vice versa.     It is standard for students to pay companies to work and volunteer abroad as a safe way to experience a new cultures.… Read More

Yoga classes, my own room in a house shared with seven other volunteers from around the world, plus bread made from scratch still warm from the oven for breakfast? Yes please! In a village so remote that Brazilians themselves haven’t even heard of, I was introduced to meditation, awareness, and an alternate way of living.… Read More

I joined my university’s MEDLIFE chapter for our first South American visit over my freshman spring break. Each day we set up a mobile clinic at different sites around the underprivileged local community. Together, our group benefitted 1,578 patients in one week. One of the coolest things was that the doctors were Ecuadorean, removing any culture gap and… Read More