A 21-kilometer walk would make me the tallest thing in Costa Rica, I just had ignore the 2,200 elevation gain. To do this as a spontaneous day hike, rather than stay at the pricey base camp and obtain an entry permit, both of which had to be reserved months ahead of time, was technically possible… Read More

If there’s anything a solo female traveler knows, it’s how to figure out exactly what she wants. My upcoming flight out of Cebu left me with a laundry list of adventures to seek and so little time left. And this was just the southern half of the island. Possible or not, I had one day… Read More

Three years ago, a massive school of sardines left the coast of an island that was a 15-minute boat trip away from Moalboal, and moved to Moalboal itself. More specifically, one million shiny fish dumped themselves off the banks of all the dive shops. As of 2017, Moalboal was still a popular destination for snorkeling… Read More

Chasing the endless waterfalls of Cebu was so fun that I left that island with busted toenails. Kawasan Falls were the most well-known set of falls, running through the jungle in a unique aquamarine. We arrived as early as we could and beat the crowd to some stunning bridges and sketchy rope swings before sitting… Read More

Usually ignored by most backpacker itineraries, Hsipaw and it’s ever-growing popularity was a nice little town that many use as a base for jungle treks and village home stays. I checked out the ruins in “Little Bagan,” listened to a tragic love story in the historic Shan Palace, and befriended a couple Oregonian hippies who… Read More

The mountains were calling again. After my last salteñas in Bolivia, I took bus after bus until I reached the glacial lakes and shaggy peaks of Huascarán National Park in northern Peru. I guess I’m pretty decent at showing up to hostel breakfast and meeting boys with a sweet plan that I can hop on. This… Read More

Pigs feeding along the beach. It was crazy wrapping my head around this concept, one of many casual occurrences on Isla del Sol. The uninterrupted blues of the sky and water competed with each other for attention. Choosing to disconnect from reality and stay multiple days on this speck of soil amidst the world’s highest navigable body… Read More

Cafayate offers a lovely variety of activities for travelers, but what drew me the most was biking a challenging, yet scenic route with a friend. Even though I skipped the waterfall hike everyone was raving about, I felt I experienced an incredible amount in just two days. Two days of bliss.     Getting There Busses… Read More

Jujuy quenched my rainbow mountain cravings. Backpackers told me of hypnotizing hills and tucked-away villages, trekking opportunities and Northern Argentine cuisine and culture. A province mostly visited via tour bookings and rental cars based in Salta, I preferred to save money and appreciate these treasures on my own time.   Getting There & Around From Salta, busses… Read More

For backpackers, a desert means sandboarding, and sandboarding means obnoxious tour companies that try to turn it into a party with tank tops and pop music. Las Dunas de Concón is a precious exception nobody knows about. Loved it. It’s cheap, the slopes are on the beach, and it’s cheap.       Getting There From… Read More