When people start saying they don’t have time for somewhere on the map, roll your eyes and head in that direction. Parbs and I wrapped our trip in the San Bernardo Islands and it quickly became our favorite destination—we couldn’t get enough of how isolated we felt. Here, we shared our best meals and got to… Read More

    Day 5 I seriously can’t stop talking to people. Being alone has forced me to meet an overwhelming amount of freaking people. From freaking everywhere. I had talked to my bunkmate and stared at Thai and Vietnamese street food on instagram (yes while in Panama, call me greedy) till late last night and it… Read More

  Day 3 I was quite close to becoming a popsicle overnight. We made several stops but I chose to not ask my bladder if it ever needed relieving and chose to instead just hold it. Me and all the other foreigners (there’s only one place we all go) were hustled off the bus at 7:30am. And straight… Read More

Home to good vibes from Bob Marley and more of his like, this Caribbean neighbor with a badass flag is not swarming with backpackers. It totally should be, based on the lagoons and waterfalls alone. Most people fear for their safety, but done right, you won’t have to miss out on the more than photogenic nature,… Read More

MLK weekend 2015 was no less than life changing. Nine university students embarked on a massive roadtrip through a third-world island. This is my account of our abundance of quotable remarks, encounters with coconuts and men, and new experience with tripping up a waterfall. Together, we adventured from mountain peaks to warm beaches and I got to… Read More