Workaway is an organization allowing travelers to choose from 26,000 active work exchanges from more than 155 countries around the world. This is the perfect tool for volunteers to find hosts who need help, and vice versa.     It is standard for students to pay companies to work and volunteer abroad as a safe way to experience a new cultures.… Read More

Kicked my butt. Beat the crap out of me. Whatever you want to call it, apply it to this handful of days. In an effort to see the top of Africa, I have since felt I’ve come back from the dead.     What You Need To Understand At this point, summiting Kili is very… Read More

My need for Africa drove me crazy. How can so many of us live our entire lives and not even skim the surface of such a vast piece of the world? While most visitors get in a private vehicle at the airport and beeline for safari lodges, keeping way out of the way of natives and African cities,… Read More

Maasai Mara National Reserve With fees for parks and guides mercilessly piling up, it’s especially important to talk to other travelers and research ahead when it comes to safaris.     Don’t waste your money at Nakuru. Here, you’re far out from urban development on the property of the indigenous Masai who are essentially the Kenyan versions… Read More

I found myself plopped into the poor province of Nyanza, home to many peaceful villages nestled in the hillsides, but also some of the highest malaria rates in Kenya. Bordering Lake Victoria, Homa Bay offered me my best understanding of East African culture. Oyugis Bustling with motorcycle taxis and villagers selling mangoes and avocados (seriously, here there’s a constant supply of… Read More

The nurse prescribing malaria pills raised her eyebrows at me. So did the Walmart cashier. A mom said I would die. So did my mom. It hit her last minute and she screamed at me that it was all a scam and I was never coming back. I still got on that plane. This was… Read More

Nakuru National Park How to tour one of Kenya’s most popular attractions on a budget, and why I was told to absolutely go to two nearby lakes instead.     After spending just one week in Homa Bay, Kenya, I’d gained enough street smarts to go exploring for the weekend. I’ve always been a huge birder so… Read More