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Since my first trip abroad in kindergarten, I’ve developed an oversized appetite for adventure, collecting stories, and a lot of fruit.




This hunger has since turned into an addiction. At any given moment, I need to be exploring the corners of the world. I crave to try new things. I see it as the best way to use my limited time and energy in this one life I have. It is extremely stressful to consider list of destinations is forever growing, not shrinking.







How can I keep living my life when I haven’t finished seeing how others live theirs?


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I was lucky enough to have parents that cared. It was important to them that my sister and I were exposed from a young age. Still, you grow up.




It was time to go solo. No more waiting for someone to help me plan and keep me safe. I can watch out for myself. Because staying put would be the biggest harm inflicted on my well-being anyway.

In 2015, I booked a flight to Nairobi, Kenya. After a great month of pushing my comfort zone and learning about myself, I started taking cheap flights to Central and South America on any holiday I could get my hands on. Two days in El Salvador. Four days in Nicaragua. Guatemala.

I had become well aware that serious backpacking wasn’t a hobby, it was a lifestyle. I tried this out for 108 days the summer after my sophomore year, taking myself from coast to coast on the South American continent. I was hooked.

Today I am 21 years old. I am a full-time university student studying nutrition and pre-medicine. But on the inside, I’m still the little girl who cares too much about her daily scoop of ice cream. That shit is sacred. I work hard during the school term and hold on tight to my merit scholarships, even if it means the place I rent from occasionally has rats.



I want nothing more than to stay true to myself and my dreams. I want to walk the earth.

When I see an opportunity, I strap on my backpack and throw myself into the unknown. Yet contrary to popular belief, my way is far from glamorous. I keep a shoestring budget. Day or night, I am constantly orienting myself to some foreign transportation system. I must always watch for scams. There is nothing to envy about hand washing the same three smelly shirts all month, or forever itching fresh bug bites as I melt into my own sweat.



And with the challenges and uncertainties all solo female travelers face, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is me throwing away my fears so I can see for myself. This is me learning as much about me as I do about my surroundings.

This is Vivian, doing what she needs to do, in order to consider herself alive.


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  • Hello Vivian! I find your story very inspiring. How did you get the funds to afford to travel like this? As a student myself, I am interested in getting back into traveling but I constantly find a lack of money to be my drawback. Thank you Vivian!

    • Kathryn,

      Thanks for your kind words! I travel on savings from my financial aid, but as I would say to anyone, start with Workaway or HelpX. Depending on where you are, flights to Central America can be very cheap, and taking a couple weeks abroad will actually save you money because you have to spend money to live at home anyway. Most of my travel friends are broke or close to broke. Remember, if you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way 🙂


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