Cerro ChirripĆ³ Day Hike: Pulling Off 42 Kilometers In 19 Hours

A 21-kilometer walk would make me the tallest thing in Costa Rica, I just had ignore the 2,200 elevation gain. To do this as a spontaneous day hike, rather than stay at the pricey base camp and obtain an entry permit, both of which had to be reserved months ahead of time, was technically possible… Read More

Whang Od’s Blessing

“Hi, my name is Vivian. I come from the USA. Both of my parents are Chinese. I am 21 years old. I have no tattoos and never saw myself getting one. I saw a photo of you one month ago, and was so fascinated by the history and culture of your art that I couldn’t… Read More

Luzon: Rice Terraces and Hanging Coffins

Rural highlands meant extra good coffee and extra bad wifi. It was time to put down the phone and tune into the present. Banaue and Sagada were tucked into the Cordillera mountains, adored by Filipino couples and families for their views and cute cafes. Both towns possess UNESCO World Heritage sites. While these spots get… Read More