Luzon: Rice Terraces and Hanging Coffins

Rural highlands meant extra good coffee and extra bad wifi. It was time to put down the phone and tune into the present. Banaue and Sagada were tucked into the Cordillera mountains, adored by Filipino couples and families for their views and cute cafes. Both towns possess UNESCO World Heritage sites. While these spots get… Read More

Cebu: A Very Southerly Circuit In 24 Hours

If there’s anything a solo female traveler knows, it’s how to figure out exactly what she wants. My upcoming flight out of Cebu left me with a laundry list of adventures to seek and so little time left. And this was just the southern half of the island. Possible or not, I had one day… Read More

Cebu: A Million Sardines and a Whale Shark

Three years ago, a massive school of sardines left the coast of an island that was a 15-minute boat trip away from Moalboal, and moved to Moalboal itself. More specifically, one million shiny fish dumped themselves off the banks of all the dive shops. As of 2017, Moalboal was still a popular destination for snorkeling… Read More